2.007 Mentoring Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering 2.007 Design and Manufacturing: Develops students' competence and self-confidence as design engineers. Emphasis on the creative design process bolstered by application of physical laws. Instruction on how to complete projects on schedule and within budget. Robustness and manufacturability are emphasized. Subject relies on active learning via a major design-and-build project. Lecture topics include idea generation, estimation, concept selection, visual thinking, computer-aided design (CAD), mechanism design, machine elements, basic electronics, technical communication, and ethics.


2014 - Course 2.007 Student-built Robots
  • Alan Akerstrom
  • David Allaby
  • Philip Evans 
  • Richard Frederickson
  • Westin Hill 
  • Jessica Kesner
  • Fran Lettang
  • Matthew Rebholz
  • Tom Sebastian
  • Joe Scozzafava
  • John Sultana
  • Dave Tardiff
2012 - Course 2.007 Special Section on Deployable Miniature UAV Concept Demonstration   
  • Ken Chadwick
  • Eli Cohen


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