Teaching at MIT



As future Lincoln Laboratory teaching in collaboration with MIT campus occurs we will post them here. 




Radar Systems and Signal Processing (Fall 2014)

Lincoln Laboratory Instructor - James Ward
Course - 6.348

Introduction to radar. Design and performance of signal processing for radar detection, estimation, and imaging. Radar equations. Waveform design, ambiguity functions, matched filtering. Hypothesis testing, detection in noise, coherent and noncoherent integration, statistical target models. Clutter cancellation and moving target detection. Doppler processing. Constant false alarm rate adaptive detection. Target parameter estimation, bounds, maximum likelihood estimation. Phased arrays, optimum and adaptive beamforming. Airborne moving target detection and synthetic aperture imaging radar. Selected special topics. Includes a ‘find-the-targets’ radar processing project.


Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers (Fall 2013)

MIT Faculty: Dan Frey
Lincoln Laboratory Instructors - Dave Crompton; Jonathan Holm; Thomas Sebastian; Hamilton Sheppard
Course - 2.086

Lincoln Laboratory Staff taught four lectures during the semester on optics design, analysis of the LLCD MIRU, staff pattern processing and computational fluid dynamics.  Students were very engaged and thought that the lectures were interesting addition to the classes.



Electromagnetic Wave Theory (Spring 2013)

MIT Faculty: Michael R. Watts Lincoln Laboratory Instructor - Alan Fenn
Course - 6.632

Lincoln Laboratory staff member Alan Fenn gave four lectures on electromagnetic wave theory, antennas and radar were presented in the classroom at MIT Campus. This course may be offered again in Spring 2015 and similar lectures would be provided. 


Mathematical Methods in Imaging (Spring 2014)

MIT Faculty: Ramesh Rasker Lincoln Laboratory Instructor - Christy Cull
Course - MAS.132/MAS.532

Lincoln laboratory staff member mentored students and taught a two-hour lecture focused on the introduction, optimization, and implementation of coded apertures for imaging applications related to depth image, spatial super-resolution, spectral imaging and millimeter-wave imaging. This course will be offered again in Spring 2015.