Autonomous Cognitive Assistant

For 2017, we are offering a new program called–“Cog*Works: Build your own Cognitive Assistant”. The program will guide students in learning and applying the foundational technologies of artificial intelligence for building cognitive assistants.


This program consists of two components: (1) on-line course from January to May 2017, open to all interested and committed students and (2) 4-week summer program at MIT for small group of students July 10–August 4, 2017. During the course, the students will be trained to understand the basics of Python, Git, natural language processing, machine learning, and IBM Watson services through a series of on-line teaching modules. Students will build services that are both functional and fun.

Students who have successfully completed the on-line course will be considered for participation in the summer program in which teams of students will leverage professional cognition services (e.g. IBM’s Watson services) and open source tools in conjunction with their own machine learning tools to develop cognitive systems. The program will be divided into modules during which students will implement and explore algorithms in core areas of natural language processing and machine cognition. These capabilities will be composed to create end-to-end cognitive assistants that will compete against each other at the end of the program.

By participating in the on-line and/or onsite portion of the program, students will develop experience in an area of computer science that is poised to play a critical role in shaping future technologies and applications across many industries.