Build a Small Phased Array Radar System

Learn about phased array systems by making a digital phased array radar system.  Small (low power, short range) $1K digital phased array radar kit makes phased array technology accessible to students.

Lincoln Laboratory:
Brad Perry (Course Lead, Hardware, Troubleshooting)
Todd Levy (Signal Processing)
Patrick Bell (Hardware, Troubleshooting)
Kenneth Kolodziej (Hardware, Troubleshooting)
Shatki Davis (Signal Processing)
Jeff Herd (Antennas, Beamforming, Radar Basics)

  • Intro to Radar (historic perspective)
  • Antennas and Arrays
  • Modular RF Design
  • How to Build the Radar kit
  • Pulse Compression Ranging
  • Ranging Experiment
  • Digital Beamforming
  • Digital Beamforming Experiment
  • GMTI Processing
  • GMTI Experiment