MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Facilities

Lincoln Beaver Works is a center jointly chartered by the MIT School of Engineering and MIT Lincoln Laboratory and operated by the Laboratory. The facility is located at 300 Technology Square (NE45-202) in Kendall Square, Cambridge, near MIT campus. This 5,000-square-foot center is open to MIT students, faculty, and collaborators, providing flexible architectural elements and state-of-the-art tools to foster innovative development and fabrication work. Approximately half of the facility will be devoted to common-use activities, such as prototyping workshops, brainstorming, classwork, and open collaboration. The balance of space will support hands-on, project-based educational initiatives. 

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In 2019, we opened up addtional space with the AeroAstro department in Bldg 31, based on similar goals of collaboration and support for students and researchers.

We are part of Project Manus and you can check out what we have available on Mobius.

The Beaver Works Facility is a do-it-yourself Research and Prototype Shop Area for projects. Only after you have completed the training will you be eligible for access to the Beaver Works Facility.  

Access will be granted based on need and training certifications.

Users are expected to sign in every time that they use the Prototype Shop.  Users of the facility must work only within the limitations of their training, experience and approved access to the equipment and materials.

In order to have access, join the Beaver Works training group and complete the required EHS training.

Beaver Works has two training groups. Click on the training group name to join the appropriate group.

(1) Beaver Works – General: Join this group if you are conducting projects that do not require you to use machinery and/or a fume hood. The required training for joining this group is the EHS00496s Beaver Works Safety Orientation.

(2) Beaver Works – Prototype: Join this group if you are accessing the Beaver Works prototype area and will be using the industrial equipment. The required trainings for joining this group are 

  1. EHS00100 Gen Chemical Hygiene, 

  2. EHS00485 Intro to Shop Safety, 

  3. EHS00501 Managing Hazardous Waste, and 

  4. EHS00496s Beaver Works Safety Orientation 

Once you have joined the group the MIT Atlas Learning Center – My Training Needs will list the required training to complete.

Joel Grimm, the facility manager, will provide access after verification. 

The Safety Course focuses on individual responsibilities and operational requirements relating to operating in this environment in a safe and effective manner.