The core mission of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works is to foster innovative, impactful research that benefits MIT campus and Lincoln Laboratory. This research can be pursued in many ways, leading to a diverse portfolio of projects. However,  all projects share a common theme of harnessing and strengthening campus and Lincoln Laboratory interaction.  Research interactions fall into three categories:

  • Capstone Projects – One-year development projects executed in conjunction with a two-semester courses, in which students work together to carry an idea from initial design all the way through to prototype fabrication and testing.
  • Research Projects – Cutting-edge research projects in which participants from campus and the Laboratory explicitly leverage the strengths of both institutions to efficiently solve critical problems.
  • Individual Research – Guided research for individual development in a focused  research area; examples include Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programs (UROP) at both Lincoln Laboratory, and MIT, some Research Assistantship (RA) opportunities, and internships.  Additional opportunities are available through the EECS SuperUROP program.  Lincoln Beaver Works space is available for use by Lincoln Laboratory UROP students.
  • Special Events – Beaver Works is also an environment where due to the open, flexible space events of all sizes can occur here.

The technical scope of these research programs bridges a wide area of common interests between the Laboratory and campus.  The following diverse research areas are opportune for strong collaborations: