Radar Systems and Signal Processing

New Fall 2014 Course

6.348: Advanced Topics: Radar Systems and Signal Processing
Instructor: James Ward, MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Level: Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate
Prerequisites: 6.011
Units: 4-0-8
Lectures: TR1-2.30 (4-147), Recitation: M or F (TBD)
Introduction to radar. Design and performance of signal processing for radar detection, estimation, and imaging. Radar equations. Waveform design,
ambiguity functions, matched filtering. Hypothesis testing, detection in noise, coherent and noncoherent integration, statistical target models. Clutter
cancellation and moving target detection. Doppler processing. Constant false alarm rate adaptive detection. Target parameter estimation, bounds, maximum
likelihood estimation. Phased arrays, optimum and adaptive beamforming. Airborne moving target detection and synthetic aperture imaging radar.
Selected special topics. Includes a ‘find-the-targets’ radar processing project.