COVID-19 Update

In consultation with the K-12 programs here, MIT has made the decision to cancel all in-person K-12 programs for the summer, this includes the Beaver Works Summer Institute.   We have already started to plan and adapt courses so that they could be run virtually and still provide a unique experience without the potential hazard of being together in large groups.  We urge you to continue with the online courses as they are still a relevant educational opportunity.

Serious Game Development, Autonomous Cognitive Assistant, Medlytics, and Embedded Security w/ Hardware Hacking have agreed to virtualize.  We will also exicited to be adapting RACECAR and CubeSat for virtual courses that will include loaning hardware to work with.  We will continue work towards converting additional courses and announce them as they are available.

This is very difficult for all of us and we are working hard to both keep staff and students safe and provide an exceptional education experience for you.

We have created this poll to engage with our students about their needs and what we can do to support courses this summer.

The BWSI enrollment applications is closed until we know which courses will be run virtually.   There will be a new virtual program application after the available courses have been decided.

Please ignore March 31 deadlines for courses and applications, they are being extended in this very unique time. BWSI Virtual Program will have a new later deadline.  You will be notified via email and our website when enrollment is open for the virtual courses.

The virtual courses will require a teacher recommendation.  The link you have from the application will be the link for them to use.  You can have a teacher send in the recommendation anytime.  We do not have the deadline set yet for when the techer recommendations will be due.

Beaver Works Staff