2012 IAP Courses

January 2012 IAP Courses

  • Build a Small Radar System (Patrick Bell) – Learn the fundamentals of Radar through this hands-on course in which you build a “coffee-can” radar and process images!
  • Build a Small Phased Array Radar System (Brad Perry) – Learn about phased array systems by making a digital phased array radar system.
  • 3D Manipulation of 2D Images (Peter Cho/Alex Vasile) – Exploit multi-view geometry to automatically generate panoramas, match features, and build 3D reconstructions from digital photos.
  • Open Robotics Laboratory (Mike Boulet) – A hands-on introduction to applied robotics.  Participants will learn how to use inexpensive robot platforms and open-source software to demonstrate advanced robotic capabilities.
  • Build a Holographic Recording and Reconstruction System (Robert Freking) – Learn the principles and practice of holography, and create your own hologram.