Summer Program Application

BWSI Summer Program Application Process

For Students: Application for the BWSI Summer Program is separate from the online course application. The Summer Program application will be available March 2020, with decisions expected in 30 April 2020. The selection criteria for the Summer Program include, but are not limited to,

  1. Demonstrated technical ability (determined through recommendation by school official and other supporting information, such as test scores, completed coursework, and grades collected in the application).
  2. Demonstrated commitment to extracurricular learning via participation and completion of the online course (participation/progress are tracked by the instructors).

Students must make significant progress in the online course by Summer Program application to ensure that they are ready and well prepared for participation in the BWSI programs. Students may participate in one or more of the online courses to determine which they are interested in, but note that the online courses are time-intensive, and we suggest down selecting to a single course as early as possible.

Cost of Program:  The program itself is free but for out-of-state students who require lodging arrangement there is a fee (~$5,000 for 4 weeks).  This fee is waived fully or partially based on their family income (fully waived if annual income is less than $90,000, no waiver if income is more than $130,000).  All students are responsible for their travel arrangements to/from BWSI.

For parents, teachers, and mentors:

Acceptance to the Summer Institute is a multistep process.

  1. Students are nominated by teachers, mentors or parents (as appropriate) using a link provided by Beaver Works staff and then the students are provided a link for the online course.
  2. The students register themselves using the provided link for the online course and work on pre-requisite sections for their preferred course.
  3. Applications for the program at MIT are sent out in March for students that have completed the pre-requisite sections and decision notifications are emailed to students and parents on April 30.

Our program is open to US citizens, permanent residents, and international students currently attending a high school in US.  We can also accept US-citizens and US-permanent residents attending a high school in foreign country.  For these types of students we will work with their parents as the POCs.