Summer Program Application

The application for MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) 2017 is now open.

Students, please submit your completed application and supporting essays no later than Friday March 31, 2017, and have your school BWSI coordinator or teacher submit their recommendation no later than Friday April 7, 2017.  Please refer to the checklist below for date-sensitive instructions.  Current participants in the BWSI Online Program will receive an email invitation to apply to the summer program. 

Prior to applying, please discuss the program requirements with your parents and teachers.  The BWSI program is a 4-week commitment, and we want to insure that all selected students will dedicate the entire 4-weeks to the program.  The program this year will run from Sunday, July 9, 2017 to Sunday, August 6, 2017.

Your participation in the BWSI Online Program is a prerequisite and major component of admission.  The student applying for the summer program must have started the online course(s) prior to applying, and complete it prior to the summer program start date.  You, and your teams success and enjoyment within the program are predicated on each student arriving at MIT well prepared academically for the advanced program content.  If you do not believe you meet the prerequisites, or will have difficulty completing the online course prior to the start of the summer program, please speak with your parent(s), school BWSI coordinator, and/or teacher’s.  We look forward to having you at MIT this summer!

Important Summer Program Dates and Deadlines

Student Application Submission Deadline:  Friday, March 31, 2017 at 11:00PM EST

Recommender Deadline:  Friday, April 7, 2017 at 11:00PM EST

Decisions Released:  Sunday, April 30, 2017 via student email

Program Dates (Residential Student):  Sunday, July 9, 2017 to Sunday, August 6, 2017

Program Dates (Day/Local Students):  Monday, July 10, 2017 to Sunday, August 6, 2017

General Program Information

  1. The program is free of charge, except that all students are responsible for the planning and cost of their own transportation to/from MIT.
  2. The three BWSI programs will run concurrently during the dates shown above.
  3. Class is from 8:45AM – 5PM, Mon – Fri. 
  4. Students are expected to be at their assigned MIT classroom no later than 8:45AM each day, prepared for class.
  5. Students will have nightly homework.
  6. Students will be required to provide their own laptop computer.  If there is a hardship, please contact BWSI Staff at after you have received your application decision.
  7. Residential students from out-of-state high schools are provided room and meals in dormitories on MIT campus.  They will be supervised by BWSI Instructor Staff during the day, and BWSI Residential Counselor’s during the evenings and weekends.
  8. Students from local high schools are required to provide their own transportation to/from MIT campus for all scheduled classes and events.  BWSI Staff will not be responsible for students transiting to/from MIT, and outside of normal program hours of Mon – Fri, 8:45AM – 5PM. 
  9. Each Wednesday night there will be a BWSI Social Dinner held at MIT for both residential and day students, and program staff.
  10. Complete program details and forms (minor consent, medical, waivers) will be sent out shortly after admission decisions.

BWSI Summer Program Application Instructions

  1. Participants in the BWSI Online Program will receive an email inviting them to apply to the 2017 BWSI Summer Program.  Please follow the ‘Begin Application’ link to start your application only after you have read the complete application instructions contained here.
  2. Applications and essays are due no later than Friday, March 31, 2017.
  3. Teacher recommendations are due no later than Friday, April 7, 2017.
  4. The student is required to forward the summer application invitation to the teacher or school administrator who will be providing their recommendation.  This can be done at anytime, but please give your teacher/school administrator adequate time to complete the recommendation prior to the deadline.
  5. Indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd course choice on your application.  We will make every attempt to honor your 1st choice, but if space is limited we will consider placement in your 2nd or 3rd  choice.  Only indicate a choice for programs that you are actually interested in attending.
  6. Finish the application, including essay's, prior to submission.  Do not submit duplicate applications as it may delay consideration of your application.
  7. Write your three essays prior to starting the online application, and copy and paste your essays into the corresponding fields within the application.  The three essay’s you must include (500-words or less) are:
    1. Essay #1:  Explain how you became interested in science and engineering, and what your career goals are.
    2. Essay #2:  Explain how participating in this program will support your academic and career goals.
    3. Essay #3:  Write about a news story that you have seen or read recently that relates to science and engineering, and explain why you found it interesting.
  8. Admission decisions will be sent out on April 30, 2017 via email.


Application Check List

  1. Complete essays as outlined in the application instructions above.
  2. Instruct your teacher to submit recommendation by forwarding invitation email.
  3. Complete and submit application, with essay's