On-Line Education Program Application Process

Please Note:  At the present time, the BWSI Summer Program is limited to US citizens and permanent residents from US High Schools.

The Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) is pleased to announce that we are expanding our program offerings for the summer of 2017. The three programs that will be offered are:

-  Mini-Grand Prix Challenge (Autonomous RACECAR)

-  Autonomous Air Vehicle Racing (UAV Quad-Rotor)

-  Cog*Works: Build Your Own Cognitive Assistant (Big Data)

The first step to applying to one of these Summer Programs is completing the BWSI Online Education Program, designed to prepare the student for the technically rigorous BWSI summer programs.  The process for students to participate in the online course is,

  1. Nomination by a school technical point of contact (POC), typically a STEM teacher or school administrator familiar with the student’s schoolwork and technical abilities.
  2. Submit the Online Application and upload the required permission forms.
  3. Once the application is approved, the student will receive an email containing a User ID and Password with instructions on how to access the online course website.
  4. Teachers, prior BWSI students, and Teaching Assistant’s (TA) can also apply for online course access by using the same Online Application and choosing the appropriate category from the pull-down menu.

Application for the BWSI Summer Program is separate from the online course application. The Summer Program application will be available mid-February 2017, with decisions expected early April 2017.  The selection criteria for the Summer Program include, but are not limited to,

  1. Demonstrated technical ability (determined through recommendation by school official, and other supporting information such as test scores, completed coursework, and grades collected in the application).
  2. Demonstrated commitment to extracurricular learning via participation and completion of the online course (participation and progress is tracked within the online course educational modules).

The student must make significant progress on the online course by March 2017, and continue their online course work into the Spring 2017, in order to be ready and well prepared for participation in the BWSI Summer Institute Program’s.  Students may participate in one or more of the online courses to determine which Summer Course they are interested in, but note the online course’s are time-intensive and we suggest down-selecting to a single course as early as possible.