On-Line Education Program Application Process

BWSI Online Program Application Process

The Beaver Works Summer Institute is pleased to announce that we are expanding our program offerings for summer 2019. The following programs will be offered:

  • Autonomous RACECAR Grand Prix
  • Autonomous Air Vehicle Racing
  • Hacking a 3D Printer
  • Cog*Works: Build Your Own Cognitive Assistant
  • Medlytics
  • Embedded Security and Hardware Hacking
  • Build a Cubesat
  • Unmanned Air System–Synthetic Aperture Radar

To apply to one of these summer programs, you must complete the BWSI Online Education Program, designed to prepare students for the technically rigorous BWSI summer programs. To participate in the online course, a student must submit the following:

  1. A nomination by a school technical point of contact (POC), typically a STEM teacher or school administrator familiar with the student’s schoolwork and technical abilities. The nomination form for the teacher/recommender can be found at https://mit-bwsi.formstack.com/forms/bwsi_recommendations_onlinecourse_2019
  2. The application form for the student will be sent to them once the request comes in from the teacher/recommender.

The official courses do not start until Late January 2019 and you will not be able to enroll in them until then.  At that time if your application is approved, the student will receive an email containing a user ID and password as well as instructions on how to access the online course website.

Teachers, prior BWSI students, and teaching assistants (TAs) can also apply for online course access by using the same BWSI online course request link and filling out the form.

The online course is free to all students.