BWSI Program Application Process

The BWSI enrollment applications is closed until December, 2020.  If interested, please fill out this request for information form, but always check back to our website for updates.

If you are interested in appling to any of our courses, you must start with the BWSI Online Education Program (hosted on, designed to prepare students for the technically rigorous BWSI summer programs.

Teachers, prior BWSI students, and teaching assistants (TAs) can also apply for online course access by using the same BWSI online course request link and filling out the form.

The online course is free to all students.   Teachers, mentors and recommenders should email for more information.

The application process is multistep, all correspondence is done through email, so its important to chose an address that is not blocked by a school firewall and you know how to check spam-filtered mail

1) Teachers or mentors must nominate the student for access to the online course (

          They should request the BWSI information package from

2) After nomination, the student will be sent a link to register themselves for access to the online course

        They will receive their unique ID number after they complete and submit their registration for the online course.

        The online course will open for study in January 2021, students will also need to self-register on Piazza to be able to participate in the course forum for Q&A.

        The online courses (all) will remain open for independent learners, even if they are not accepted into the July program

3) Students who have been nominated AND registered on, will be emailed the Enrollment application link and password for the summer program. This will need to be completed and returned by 30 April, 2021.

       The acceptance into our July program is based on A) progress in online course, B) short essays in the application and C) teacher recommendation. 

       The enrollment application requires a teacher recommendation submitted via a link will be included Enrollment application.

4) All students applying will be notified on 15 May of acceptance decisions for this summer's BWSI program, we have not yet decided if our program will be in-person or virtual in 2021.


The Beaver Works Summer Institute is committed to providing the depth and experience of these project based courses.  We will announce courses and programs as we create them, but plan on the following:

  • Serious Game Development with AI
  • Embedded Security and Hardware Hacking
  • Medlytics
  • Cog*Works: Build Your Own Cognitive Assistant
  • Build-a-CubeSat