BWSI Program Application Process

  • The process to apply to attend BWSI is multistep. All correspondence is done through email, so it’s important to use a non-school email to avoid having our emails blocked by your school's email server.

  • Students and parents- all our information are on these webpages for the BWSI program, check the BWSI links above and our FAQ before you email us.

Nomination form for BWSI1) Nomination: Teachers or mentors must nominate the student for access to the online course ( using our online form.

This is for 2022 program, the course will open on 1 Feb 2022

  • Nominations for registration is continuous  to 31 March

              After March 31, students can still be nominated but will only be able to take the online courses
  • For Teachers:  reach out to for questions, our 2021 pamphlet is here, and click on the form to the right ->

  • Teachers, prior BWSI students, and teaching assistants (TAs) can also apply for online course access by using the same link that the students use to apply to the online program

2) Registration: After nomination, the student will be sent a link to register themselves for access to the free online course

  • They will receive their unique ID number after they complete and submit their registration for the online course.

  • The online course will open for study on 1 February 2022, students will also need to self-register on Piazza to be able to participate in the course Q&A forums.

  • All online courses will remain open for independent learners, even if they are not accepted into the July program

3) Enrollment application: Students who have registered themselves for the online course will be emailed the summer enrollment application link and password for the summer program in. This will need to be completed and returned by 31 March. [For students who register after this date: the online programs will be available to Nov 30 for independent study]

  • Demonstrated technical ability (determined through recommendation by school official and other supporting information, such as test scores, completed coursework, and grades collected in the application).
  • Demonstrated commitment to extracurricular learning via participation and completion of the online course (participation/progress are tracked by the instructors).
  • Application has three short essays (500 words or less for each essay).
  • Teacher recommendation or Mentor (over 18) due by April 15th (link for teachers is in the application).
  • Application will require parent(s) information and electronic signature.
  • Application asks for honors/awards (limited to maximum of 200 characters, be specific)
  • We cannot accept students outside of the US due to logistical challenges, all students must be living in the US for the July program.

All students applying will be notified on 30 April of enrollment decisions for this summer's BWSI program, we will be running a program in 2022 no matter what, and are planning on a in-person program in 2022!

Tentative 2022 Schedule

BWSI Application Timeline


The Beaver Works Summer Institute is committed to providing the depth and experience of these project-based courses.  We will announce courses and programs as we create them, but plan on the following:

Thank you   BWSI Staff