BWSI Collaboration

New home to provide info on BWSI collaborations!

  • What is BWSI? - we hope that you've seen our info pages and YouTube videos already!
  • We feel passionately that this model should scale to nationally for students, we've created a great program and want to reach as many students as possible
  • How can I do this?
    • Find local mentors (teacher, engineers, scientists) interested in helping- CSTA, your high school computer science, or local colleges.
    • Think of name: ____ Works - what's the name of your school mascot? (It  just can't be "Beaver Works" -that's taken! )
    • Advertise and network within your school- science fairs, clubs, back-to-school nights- talk to us about how we can help with equipment loans.
    •  Get started now!
  • Funding
    • We are funded by gifts and grants, for you this may be the hardest part in starting out 
    • Suggest host organization sponsor completely for the first year (up to $50k for in-person 4-week course- covers for paid instructors with a little bit for hardware- in-school clubs may have mentors or advisors that will help for free)
    • Look to local companies to provide gifts and grants to fund on-going effort
    • Create partnership with local universities (for teachers and teaching assistants) and schools (for candidate students)- BWSI alum are a great resource for TA's
  • Requirements (a few)
    • You must be a non-profit as we are providing curriculum for free (if not, a licensing arrangement will need to be worked out )
    • Committed to helping as many students as possible learn!
    • We will sign a memorandum of agreement (MOU) with your organization
      • It sets roles and responsibilities, and clearly states that any use of the MIT name must be approved ahead of time
  • Suggestions:
    • Start with 1 course, 5-15 students, student interest will help you grow
    • Remember that there are opporunities like local science fairs or STEM events to use to publicize and get interest

You can be as flexible as you need to make it work for you.

We want you to succeed!  Let us know how we can help! 

We are very happy to announce that we are collaborating with professional engineering organizations now for Build a CubeSat STEM Challenge and will be bringing these opportunities to even more students soon!

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We've worked with schools, enrichment programs, clubs, and homeschool networks, if you're interested, let us know!

Here are examples of other collaborations that we are working with and would love to add your logo and name here!

Nauset Regional High School

Warrior Works

Madison Park THVS

Cardinal Works

Lafayette High School

Bobcat Works

Lexington High School

BW Engineering Club

Lexington High School

Sacramento CA

East Katy Bridges to Science (TX)

CalPoly Pomona

Coming soon:

Eagle Works (East Lake High School)





International Collaborations

Mathisi with Pierce ACG (Greece) Prepatoria de Esmeralda (Mexico) Arrows Insttiute