Beaver Works Summer Institute

Single Page HandoutWhat is BWSI?               

                          BWSI 2021 is in full swing!

We are still accepting nominations for independent study in our online program - See our application page  for how to access.  The online program will be open until late November when we will refresh it for 2022.

Our program for BWSI 2021 will be completely virtual. The program is running from July 6 - Aug 1 (Come to our FINAL EVENT)

As always, check our FAQ page if you have questions, but you can also email us at

We are creating and updating courses to help students learn engineering and build autonomous systems.  We are adding courses on cyber security, quantum software, and autonomous underwater vehicles this year!

Summer Program Timeline




The Beaver Works Summer Institute is committed to providing the depth and experience of these project-based courses.  We will announce courses and programs as we create them, but plan on the following:2021 Brochure

Our program is free and supported by generous sponsors.  You can help BWSI by donating and following us on social media!