Beaver Works Summer Institute

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We had a terrific Final Event -  Thanks to everyone who made our FINAL EVENT so great!

We are already looking forward to upcoming Fall Saturday programs

Access to the 2022 Online courses is not yet open, but mentors can start to register students- See our application page.

The 2021 online program will be open until late November when we will refresh it for 2022.

As always, check our FAQ page if you have questions, but you can also email us at

We are always looking to create and update courses to help students learn engineering, build autonomous systems, and experience current research topics.

Summer Program Timeline




The Beaver Works Summer Institute is committed to providing the depth and experience of these project-based courses.  We will announce courses and programs as we create them, here is our tentative list of courses.



2021 Course list- all courses are planned for the summer of 2022

2021 Brochure


Our program is free and supported by generous sponsors.  You can help BWSI by donating and following us on social media!