Beaver Works Summer Institute

                      BWSI 2021 will be here soon!

We are planning on a virtual program, but are creating more courses and improving technical content to provide the best summer program.

We are creating and updating courses to help students learn engineering and build autonomous systems.  We will be additing an additional courses on cyber security, quantum software, and hope to have an autonmous underwater vehicle course coming soon!

The Beaver Works Summer Institute is committed to providing the depth and experience of these project based courses.  We will announce courses and programs as we create them, but plan on the following:

  • Serious Game Development with AI

  • Embedded Security and Hardware Hacking

  • Medlytics

  • Cog*Works: Build Your Own Cognitive Assistant

  • Build-a-CubeSat


  • Designing for Assistive Techology (AT HACK!)

  • Remote Sensing for Disaster Response

  • Autonmous Underwater Vehicles (NEW)

  • Quantum Software (NEW!)

  • Cyber Security (NEW)





See our application page for more information on how to access our online course and apply for the summer program.

Our program is free and supported by generous supporters.  Please support BWSI by following us on social media too!