MIT Students/Faculty Information

How do I request the Space?

A response will be sent back letting you know if the space is available

MIT Procedures

Follow all MIT procedures for Release Review if necessary and all policies for shipping items to Beaver Works.

Does Beaver Works provide supplies?

  • We do have the MIT Campus WiFi network in our facility
  • Beaver Works does have limited supplies but you should be prepared to bring:
    • Anything you need for note taking, laptops, tablets, with power supplies
    • Class/Course specific equipment/items
  • See our protoyping space page for equiment in our makerspace.

Are there food services?

  • MIT COVID restrictions are in effect (see for more information)
  • There are no food services within the building.  If you are hosting a meeting here make sure you let your visitors know if you are not supplying food/drinks that they should bring their own.
  • There are catering companies in the area that will cater at the site and there is an area within Beaver Works to set up the items. (i.e. Rebecca’s, Whole Foods, Sebastians)
  • Beaver Works does have a microwave & small refrigerator

How can I get to Beaver Works and is there parking?

  • Limited public parking is available (most spots are metered)
  • The Technology Square parking garage is also available for a fee in the next building
  • There are many MBTA services that will take you to the area as well
  • The MIT Kresge Parking Lot is about a 10 minute walk
  • The MIT Visitor Lot at 139 Mass Ave is about an 8 minute walk