Laser Radar Basics



Students worked in 5-person groups on laboratory exercises.  State-of-art optical and electronics equipment used in laboratory exercises.  Equipment was funded by $100K donation secured by Professor Shapiro.  Potential to include some of this curriculum into existing student optics lab.



Day 1 – Lectures
  • Laser Radar Fundamentals
  • Airborne 3D Ladar
  • Laser Safety
Day 2 – 3D Imaging Lab
  • Pulsed Lab Description
  • Pulsed Ranging
  • Scanned 3D Imaging
Day 3 – Lectures
  • Principles of Coherent Ladar
  • Laser Speckle
  • Pulse Compression Techniques
Day 4 – Coherent Ladar Lab
  • Coherent Lab Description
  • Range / Doppler Imaging
  • Laser Vibrometer Microphone



Professor Shapiro (Course co-lead, coherent ladar)
Kevin Holman (Course co-lead, pulse compression, lab coordinator)
Jane Luu (Ladar fundamentals)
Dale Fried (Airborne 3D ladar)
Samuel Wong (Assist with labs)

Bryce Remesch (Assist with labs)