Lincoln Laboratory Meeting Information

Lincoln Laboratory Employees

How do I request the Space?

  • Send an email to Facility Manager
  • Email should contain
    • Date(s)
    • Time(s)
    • Areas requested: Research Area, Classroom, Prototype Shop, All Areas
    • Purpose of Meeting

A response will be sent back letting you know if the space is available

After I have the space reserved what is the next step?

  • When using the space for any outside facility use, which is described in the Technology Control Security Plan (contact Security for plan if needed) as "Any ad hoc utilization of the Beaver Works facility during which export-controlled, CUI, or non-public release information will be present requires prior coordination and approval by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Chief Security Officer.  Examples include management off-sites or special-purpose meetings.” The Beaver Works Facility Use form needs to be filled out.  This is only for Lincoln Laboratory employees to fill out.This form requires 10 business days to process.
  • Contact Joel Grimm, Lisa Kelley or Derek Jones for any questions.  

Joel Grimm, 

Lisa Kelley,

Derek Jones

How do I get my items to Beaver Works?

  • Use a ship order (SO) for property (numbered and non-numbered equipment), location is MIT-LLBVWRKS. 
  • If you are hand carrying to Beaver Works once SO is approved you can head to the facility with your items
  • For equipment being shipped on a work order by facilities please coordinate with the Facility Manager so they are aware of what is coming (a SO is still required in addition to the WO).  If it is a large item please make sure that space has already been set aside prior to being sent.
  • All ship orders for Beaver Works require TCO approval.  Once you enter a ship order in the system contact the Technology Control Office for approval.
  • It takes some time to get through the approval so please allot at least 10-15 business days

What do I have to do to present my briefing?

Any briefings/course information must follow the Lincoln Laboratory Release Review procedures . If you have items that need to be released enter with enough time for all approvals

IT Questions?

Does Beaver Works have supplies?

  • Beaver Works does have limited supplies but you should be prepared to bring:
    • Notebooks
    • Pencils
    • Pens
    • Post-its
    • Class/Course specific equipment/items

Are there food services?

  • There are no food services within the building.  If you are hosting a meeting here make sure you let your visitors know if you are not supplying food/drinks that they should bring their own.
  • There are catering companies in the area that will cater at the site and there is an area within Beaver Works to set up the items. (i.e. Rebecca’s, Whole Foods, Sebastians)
  • Beaver Works does have a microwave

How can I get to Beaver Works and is there parking?

  • There is a shuttle that leaves Lincoln every 2 hours starting at 7AM with the last shuttle at 5:15PM
    • The shuttle takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive at Beaver Works
    • The shuttle leaves Beaver Works and returns to Lincoln Laboratory every 2 hours starting at 8:15AM with the last shuttle at 6:15PM
    • The shuttle takes approximately 45 minutes to arrive at Lincoln Laboratory
    • Link to intranet page for LL-MIT shuttle
  • Limited public parking is available (most spots are metered)
  • The Technology Square parking garage is also available for a fee in the next building
  • There are many MBTA services that will take you to the area as well
  • MIT Parking lot passes can be obtained via  the MIT Campus Parking Pass request form for LL employees
  • The MIT Kresge Parking Lot is about a 10 minute walk
  • The MIT Visitor Lot at 139 Mass Ave is about an 8 minute walk