MAS.533 Mentoring Opportunities

MAS.533 Imaging Ventures: Cameras, Displays, and Visual Computing

Media Arts and Sciences MAS.533 Imaging Ventures: Cameras, Displays, and Visual Computing: Project-oriented seminar covers the opportunities and challenges for businesses based on emergent imaging innovations. Students analyze the landscape of imaging developments, plan business strategies and brainstorm towards a start-up, business unit, non-profit or citizen sector organization; they are encouraged to form teams and craft a business plan to gain practical experience in imaging research. Includes case studies of established and emerging businesses, and talks by invited business speakers. Surveys commercialization and the innovation landscape in all imaging arenas. Topics include mobile camera phones, cameras in developing countries, image-search, medical imaging, online photo sharing, and computational photography. Enrollment limited.


2014 - Course MAS.533 Advanced Computational Imaging Systems (ASIC)
  • Barry Burke
  • Christy Cull
  • Dan Schuette
  • Hamilton Shepard
  • Nick Armstrong-Crews




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