Mentoring Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering 2.009 The Product Engineering Process: In this course students develop an understanding of product development phases and experience working in teams to design and construct high-quality product prototypes. ..(more)
Year: Product Development Process Theme:
2013  "Be Well"
2012 "Outdoors"
2011 "On The Go"
2010 "Food"
2009 "Emergency"
2008 "Home"
Mechanical Engineering 2.007 Design and Manufacturing: Develops students' competence and self-confidence as design engineers. Emphasis on the creative design process bolstered by application of physical laws. Instruction on how to complete projects on schedule and within budget ... (more)
2014 Student-built robots
2012 Special Section On Deployable Miniature UAV Concept Demonstration
Mechanical Engineering 2.013 Engineering Systems Design: Focuses on the design of engineering systems to satisfy stated performance, stability, and/or control requirements. Emphasizes individual initiative, application of fundamental principles, and the compromises inherent in the ...(more)

Mechanical Engineering 2.014 Engineering Systems Development: Focuses on implementation and operation of engineering systems. Emphasizes system integration and performance verification using methods of experimental inquiry ...(more)

2013-2014 Aluminum-Water Fuel Cell for AUV
2012-2013 Aluminum-Seawater Reaction Engine for AUV
2011-2012 AUV System Modification for Long Endurance Monitoring

Civil and Environmental Engineering 1.013 Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Design: Synthesizes prior design education through a semester-long design project, concurrent implementation project, lectures and related assignments... (more)

2013/2014 Smart Campus

16.82 Flight Vehicle Engineering

Aeronautics and Astronautics 16.82 Flight Vehicle Engineering:  Design of an atmospheric flight vehicle to satisfy stated performance, stability, and control requirements. Emphasizes individual initiative, application of fundamental principles, and the compromises inherent in the ... (more)

Aeronautics and Astronautics 16.885 Aircraft Systems Engineering: Holistic view of the aircraft as a system, covering basic systems engineering, cost and weight estimation, basic aircraft performance, safety and reliability, life cycle topics, aircraft subsystems, risk analysis and management, and ... (more)

2014 UAV for Humanitarian & Disaster Relief
2012-2013 Flexible Aircraft System Testbed
2012 Large UAV Design Optimized for Sensor Payload
2010-2011 Deployable Micro UAV Development - PERDIX
2009-2010 ICARUS
MAS.533 Imaging Ventures: Cameras, Displays, and Visual Computing

Media Arts and Sciences MAS.533 Imaging Ventures: Cameras, Displays, and Visual Computing: Project-oriented seminar covers the opportunities and challenges for businesses based on emergent imaging innovations. Students analyze the landscape of imaging developments, plan business ... (more)

2014 Advanced Computational Imaging Systems (ASIC)

Aeronautics and Astronautics 16.851 Satellite Engineering: Fundamentals of satellite engineering design, including distributed satellite. Studies orbital environment. Analyzes problems of station keeping, attitude control, communications, power generation, structural design, thermal balance, ... (more)

2010-2011 MicroMAS




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