2021 Final Event

Our Final Event and Awards Ceremony was on Aug 1. 

You can check out the videos in this playlist on YouTube

Download our Final Event Brochure.

Thank you to all the students who participated this year- we hope that it was a transforming experience!

Congratulations to the instructors and staff who worked hard to create this wonderful program!


Right click to downloadFinal Challenge and Awards Ceremony




 For you to download!


For those of you looking for challenges after BWSI:


Look here for Internship opportunities and science fairs!





Here's our playlist of our student videos.

We will continue to update from the live webcast after Aug 1.

Webcast videos can still be watched here!

Here's the Word Cloud generated at the Final Event

Check out the word cloud from the final even

Apparently- Arthur is in Embedded Security (and not Arthur the Aardvark)





If you'd like some DIY decorations - download from here!  


You can download your course Logo from here!