Saturday Spring programs

                   Get ready for our Spring "Yes, you can!" BWSI Crash Courses

  • Students must be able to attend all sessions (all sessions are on Saturdays starting March 6, from 11am to 2pm ET)

  • Enrollment will be for 1 (one) of the 7 courses.

  • The program is completely free! Students should be interested in learning about robotics, engineering, and programming.

  • Interest in the topic is required but no experience is necessary.

Our Virtual Spring programs are based on RACECAR, Build a Cubesat, Synthetic Aperature Radar, as well as Many Interesting Things for Aspiring Engineers (based on MIT course), and Aerospace engineering (newly developed).

These courses are for 9th and 10th graders interested in engineering but don't have access to programs in their schools.

Yes! you can program autonomous cars uses the Mini-RACECAR course that includes introduction to Python programming and machine vision.  We'll be using a simulator built in Unity to test their code over a virtual racetrack. This course is designed for students who are interested in programming but don't have much experience and we start with introductory programming and work to machine vision and control algorithms to code an autonomous model car.

Yes! you can build Cubesats takes students on science mission to outer space, but they have to build, program and test their prototypes before the mission can be launched. Students will assemble their kits, and learn about engineering principles to design a successful science mission. They will have to program their cubesats to collect and analyze data to answer the questions posed by their science mission.

Yes! you can hack and code! introduces students to security in the digital domain.  It is based on the the BWSI Embedded Security and Hardware Hacking course.  Students will compete by programming devices and check the security of each others work in a "capture the flag" style competition.

Yes! you can build a synthetic aperture radar (SAR): (tentative) students will learn about radars and their applications, learning by building one and collecting data to understand radio waves, and turning the data into images.

Yes! you can design Assistive Technologies  introduces students to engineering design for humans, developing product designs, rapid prototyping, and product testing skills in the context of building a technology solution for people living with disabilities. We will tackle real problems faced by people stepping through the engineering design process together to come up with personalized, creative solutions.

Many Interesting Things for Aspiring Engineers: based on the MIT course, connecting engineering concepts to the world around us.

Yes! you can design, build and fly a model aircraft  introduces students to aerospace engineering using model planes and wind tunnels to demonstrate concepts.

Laptops: Attendees should plan on using their own computers for zoom meetings, but can be provided if needed.

Supplies for each course will be provided as needed.

Enrollment is not yet open. Updated information will be posted on the website.