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Information for BWSI participants

All students and parents/guardians received the Welcome email - the Welcome letter, code of conduct and daily schedule is included in that email.  A generic version can be found here.

Always check your course discord/slack channel for latest updates on daily schedule and syllabus

BWSI Assignments for students- we will post 'global' assignments that are separate from your individual courses here

  • Share your videos with us by uploading to this dropbox folder, please use you name (as in coursename_lastname_firstname) in the name of the file!!

Final Event information! (as of 8/1)


BWSI 2022 Assignments



upload site

Postcard to BWSI to tell us about yourself - Due 7/15

(Please use coursename_lastname_firstname when you upload but don't worry about resubmitting if you have already)

Here is Joel's example :-) 

 pdf file


DEI Panel:  DEI panels are limited to only 50 students each day.  Sign up by July 18th we will let you know on July 19 if you got a spot in the event.   closed

NEW for 2022: Essay contest on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in STEM: Please submit a short essay of 500 words or less - choose one question to answer, we will select the top essays in each - this is an OPTIONAL assignment

• What does racial, gender and cultural diversity mean to you?  How does it manifest in your daily life?

• How can we continue to spark interest in STEM programs like BWSI? What new programs or education initiatives could we adopt to help increase STEM awareness in diverse communities?

• In what ways do you consider yourself diverse?  What has led you to embrace it? How did it impact you and how you interact with others?

DUE ON July 26- extending an additional day!

 pdf/MS Word/text



YOUR personal video about you and your BWSI experience Video- this is a required assignment

          Extending the deadline to July 26

Please use Coursename_lastname_firstname when you upload

We've gotten questions about this one- we do survey's about the technical content but this is a chance for us to hear you-

Suggestions to talk about include - What makes you excited about learning and BWSI?

         Why did you say "yes" to the enrollment?  What have you learned about yourself? Who have you made connections with?

There's no formula to this and hope that this helps guide you.

 2 min video



Moments of discovery or failures!  (Individual or teams as they work together and reach goals) 

 1-2 min video



Team presentation videos for Final Event - Due Aug 3 at 5pm ET

Not required, but this is strongly encouraged, talk with your instructors about final presentations that are live presentations vs recorded presentation.

Here's some suggestions from MIT Video Productions

Please make sure the Coursename_TeamName is in the filename!

 5 min video



Team Zoom Collage/Screenshot

Please make sure the Coursename_TeamName is in the filename!

 jpg, zip, png




Self-reflection on your progress is important and informing us helps us to improve our program - links are posted when they are open.

Student Progress Survey









Survey Link

The instructors and staff are having a contest to see which course has the HIGHEST completion rate on the Post-program survey - SUPPORT YOUR COURSE Now!


Internship Opportunities (to be updated as we have more information)--

             >> See After BWSI for on-going internships and will post new links from our sponsors soon.


Special Events - BWSI 2022

For the DEI event, we need everyone who would like to attend to sign up by July 18th, see email from Lisa Kelley

Thank you

Event Name Date SIgnup

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel 1 - College focus with

 Panelists and Moderator short biographies

7/21/22 Attendence will be limited




Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel 2 - Career focus 

Panelists and Moderator short biographies

Do you have follow up questions?



 Attendence will be limited




 Women's Network Dinner,

 Speaker List and bio's

 If you want to send the panelists additional questions: use this form



  Attendence will be limited


2022 Seminars during July, Monday - Friday,12:30-1:30 ET

Schedule and links to recorded videos

Seminars that are livestreamed can be viewed on our YouTube channel  or viewed in this playlist.   Select title to view abstract when enabled

Name Date Time (ET).  Title (abstract hyperlinked) Organization Recording*
Prof Sertac Karaman, Dr. Bob Shin, BWSI staff 7/11/22 10:00 Day 1 Kickoff!  MIT, MIT/LL  
Prof. Muriel Médard 7/12/22 12:30-1:30

Deviation from the Standard — Toward Opening up 5G Telecommunications

Rebecca Distler 7/13/22 12:30-1:30 AI for Good: Lessons from Global Health PJ McGovern Foundation Yes/YT

Dr. Leonard Lublin



Leadership Lessons and Disruptive Research



Prof. Jamie Macbeth



 Non-linguistic Meaning Representation Systems

Smith College



Eric Evans, Director



MIT Lincoln Laboratory Overview

MIT Lincoln Laboratory No

Chris Peterson

7/19 12:30-1:30

How to apply to MIT (and other colleges) as a Maker

MIT Admissions Office No

Mike Wardlaw

7/20 12:30-1:30

What's the big deal with these underwater vehicle "things"?

Office of Naval Research Yes/YT
Livia Racz 7/21 12:30-1:30 Advanced Technologies for Sensing and Communication in Threads MIT Lincoln Laboratory Yes/YT

Ellen Ferraro and Wade Knudson

7/25 12:30-1:30

Exploring radars, sensors and avionics on the F/A-18 Super Hornet, aka Top Gun fighter jet

Raytheon Intelligence and Space No
Dr. Will Roper 7/26 12:30-1:30

Digital Transformation and the Next Industrial Revolution

Distinguished Professor at Georgia Tech's Sam Nunn School of International Affairs YT
Dr. Mark Abbott 7/27 12:30-1:30 An Ocean Revealed: Technology and Access to the Sea Woods Hole Oceanagrpahic Institute (WHOI) Yes/YT

Dr. Eli Niewood

7/28 12:30-1:30 System Analysis of an Engineer’s Career (8 Things I Wish I had Known Before I Started) MITRE Yes/YT
Dr. Kelly Barford & Ms. Ericka Rojas (email 7/29 12:30-1:30

STEM Education to Career Pathway Opportunities at the Department of Defense

 STEM in Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

        Download Presentation here

Dr. Josue Jacob Lopez 8/1 12:30-1:30 My Journey Overcoming Failure and Achieving Success as an Entrepreneur-Scientist  Kyber Photonics/ MIT EECS Yes/YT

Prof. Vladimir Bulovic

8/2 12:30-1:30 Future will be Measured in Nanometers MIT EECS Yes/YT
Jerry Wohletz 8/3 12:30-1:30 Draper's Legacy, Present and Future Draper Yes/YT

Eliza Berg and Gabriela Gonzalez

8/4 12:30-1:30 Supporting the Next Generation of Social Innovators MIT Solve Yes/YT

*YT indicates that it will livestreamed on our YouTube channel and available for recording afterwards.


2021 Seminars during July, Monday - Friday,12:30-1:30 ET,  Download the booklet of all the abstracts

Schedule and links to recorded videos

Seminars that are recorded can be viewed on this playlist


Name Date Time (ET).  Title Organization Rec
Prof Sertac Karaman, Dr. Bob Shin, BWSI staff 7/5/21 12:00 Day 1 Kickoff!  Time: 12pm ET MIT, MIT/LL  
Dr. Marija Ilic 7/6/21 12:30-1:30

Can we have plug-and-play autonomous electricity service?  

Bringing Data to Make Electric Energy Services Clean and Resilient. Abstract

Don Kieffer 7/7/21 12:30-1:30 Dynamic Work Design: Principles, Structures, Methods. Abstract and PDF of presentation MIT Sloan Video
Cheryl Paradis, BAE, VP of FAST Labs 7/8/21 10-11:00  Lessons from an Introverted Innovator. Abstract BAE Video
Dr. Yael Kalai 7/9/21 12:30-1:30

The Magic of Cryptography. Abstract



Prof. Asegun Henry 7/12/21 12:00-1:00 Rethinking Problems in Thermal Science and Engineering - From Atoms to Applications. Abstract MIT MechE Video
Chris Peterson 7/13/21 12:30-1:30 How to apply to MIT (and other colleges) as a Maker. Abstract MIT Admissions Live only

Brad Tousley, VP of Advanced Cocepts & Technology, Raytheon

Dr. Timothy Chung, PM Tactical Technology Office, DARPA

7/14/21 12:00-1:00

Emerging and Disruptive Technologies of Today, Abstract

The Heilmeier Catechism

Raytheon Video
Prof. Dina Katabi 7/15/21 12:30-1:30

From Wearables to Invisibles: Monitoring Sleep, Motion and Vital Signs with Radio Signals.  Abstract

Prof. Sangbae Kim 7/19/21 12:30-1:30 Robots with Physical Intelligence. Abstract MIT MechE  Video
Dr. Eli Niewood, MITRE VP 7/20/21 12:30-1:30

System Analysis of an Engineer’s Career (8 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started My Career)

MITRE  Video

Dr. Fikile Brushett

7/21/21 12:30-1:30 Building an Electrochemical Future: Innovators Needed! Abstract MIT Chemical Eng live only

Dr. Eric Evans, Director, MIT/LL

            BWSI T-shirt day for Zoom Group Photo!

7/22/21 12:30-1:30 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Overview. Abstract MIT Lincoln Laboratory live only
Louie Lopez, Director, DoD STEM 7/23 12:30-1:30 DoD STEM Program Overview, Biography, Abstract, Presentation & Opportunities Office of the Under Secretary of Defense in Reasearch and Engineering  Video
Malik and Miles George 7/26/21 12:30-1:30 TikToking about Science: The Importance of STEM Communication and Diversity. Abstract MIT Course 20 (3rd Yr)  Video
Vilas J. Dhar 7/27/21


From Video Games to Artificial Intelligence: Using Tech for Good. Abstract PJ McGovern Foundation  Video
Dr. Alyssa Bennett 7/28/21 12:30-1:30

The Importance of a Holistic Approach. Abstract

Email if you are interested in Dr. Bennett's slide deck

Office of Naval Research Live only
Regina Apodaca 7/29/21 12:30-1:30 Learning How to Fly in Mars and Space. Abstract MIT Media Lab, Space Enabled  

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This account will allow you to join zoom meetings that require an MIT account authentication.  It will be up to you to pick a username (be wise in your selection) and password that you will need when authenticating on zoom.

Your Kerberos account will be active for one year and is not renewable (well, unless you become an MIT student or employee ☺ ).  The account set up is all handled remotely.  If a student is asked to leave the program for any reason, their Kerberos account will be deactivated.

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