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Beaver WorksHello and Welcome to the Beaver Works Summer Institute! 

We're underway in all our courses! Keep checking here for updated links, recordings, and schedule updates.


We will be posting BWSI-wide announcement, updates and a few assignments here over the program.


Course specific announcements and assignments are always handled with the course forum (slack, discord...)


We are going to miss having all of you being here at MIT this summer and want to get to know you as you participate in BWSI virtually!


Information for BWSI participants

All students and parents/guardians received the Welcome package and Code of Conduct and Kickoff note

Here is the current version of our program guide and yearbook- please contact us with any corrections or updates

Kerberos ID (aka MIT email address)

All enrolled students will be receiving an MIT email ID, known as kerberos ID.

This account will allow you to join zoom meetings that require an MIT account authentication.  It will be up to you to pick a username (be wise in your selection) and password that you will need when authenticating on zoom.

Your Kerberos account will be active for one year and is not renewable (well, unless you become an MIT student or employee ☺ ).  The account set up is all handled remotely.  If a student is asked to leave the program for any reason, their Kerberos account will be deactivated.

MIT Information Services and Technology (IS&T) are responsible for managing the process and can be reached at for questions on this process for MIT kerberos accounts.

BWSI Assignments for students

  • Take a video of yourself opening up kits, packages or swag from our sponsors, if you post on social media, please include us @mitbwsi for Instagram and Twitter using #BWSI2020!
  • Share your videos with us by uploading to this google folder, please use you name (as in lastname_firstname) in the name of the file!!
  • Make a digital postcard about you! (Canva, Powerpoint, Illustrator- whatever) to tell us about yourself, keep it to ~5"x7" so we can use it in our 2020 Yearbook!
    • Here's an example  and have fun with this assignment!
BWSI 2020 Assignments
Video request details upload site
Video of opening kits, packages or swag from sponsors  30sec video   folder
Postcard to BWSI to tell us about yourself  pdf file  folder
YOUR Video (Slides from MIT Video Productions) - No Later than July 20  2 min video   folder
Team videos (Final presentation on their projects)  5 min video   folder
Moments of discovery (Individual or teams as they work together and reach goals)  1-2 min video   folder
Team videos (Final presentation on their projects)  5 min video   folder


Self reflection on your progress is important and helps us improve our courses - links for surveys will be posted here soon. 

Four courses are participating in surveys from the BASB (Boston After School and Beyond) which will have additional short surveys to complete.

Student Progress Survey
Survey Due Link
Pre-program  7/09/20  TBD
Mid-program  7/20/20  TBD
Post-program  8/02/20


Seminars during July, Tues, Wed, Thurs, 12:30-1:30 EDT

We have world class researchers and educators present lunchtime lectures to attending students. You will also be able to watch a livestream of these - check out our YouTube Channel !

2020 Schedule (so far!)

Name Date Title Organization Rec
Prof Sertac Karaman, Dr. Bob Shin, BWSI staff 7/6/20 Day 1 Kickoff!  Time: 10am EDT  MIT, MIT/LL  
Prof. Leslie Kaelbling 7/7/20 Doing for our Robots What Nature did for us  MIT CSAIL Link
Prof. Daniela Rus (Note 12:00 EDT start time) 7/8/20 Unleashing Your Inner Maker  MIT CSAIL Live only

Jerry Wohletz 

Dr. Francesca Scire-Scappuzzo

7/9/20 Autonomous Intelligence: The AI You Don’t Know BAE Systems  
Prof. Amos Winter 7/14/20 Leveraging Technical and Socioeconomic Insights to Create Products for Developing and Global Markets MIT MechE  
Chris Peterson 7/15/19 How to apply to MIT (and other colleges) as a Maker MIT Admissions Office Live only
Dr. Eric Evans 7/16/19 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Overview MIT Lincoln Laboratory Live only
Major General Michael Schmidt and Raytheon speakers 7/21/20   Raytheon Technologies  
TBD 7/22/20      
Prof. Anant Agarwal 7/23/20   MIT Open Learning  
TBD 7/28/20      
Prof. Julie Shah 7/29/20   MIT AeroAstro  
Dr. Fiona Murray 7/30/20 Becoming a Chief Technology Officer MIT TLO  

Final Event

We are still working on the details, teams will have a chance to not only make a video about their project, but will have a chance to discuss it live with panelists on July 31.  We want to give our students a chance to show off their porojects that demonstrate innovative solutions and great work using what they've learned!


Internship Opportunities (to be updated as we have more information)

Our sponsors understand that the best and brightest are coming here for courses and offer internships to selected students attending BWSI for the following summer.

Name Application Link Additional Info Due
Raytheon TBD N/A TBD

Program Links

Name Link
BWSI 2020 Brochure Click Here
BWSI’19 Program Brochure Click Here
BWSI’19 Final Event Brochure Click Here

Last Resort!

Email bwsi-admin with your questions if you do not see the answers you need on this page. BWX-help or BWinfo or BWwebmaster will only take longer to get an answer.


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