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 COVID-19 Update and impact on our programs

We are delaying our engineering programs for middle school students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is information on our programs when we start them again in the fall as Saturday classes and for Summer of 2021.

  • Note: This is NOT a residential program, but intended for Boston-area students
  • RACECAR 1 is  for students who have not had a chance to learn robotics or programming
  • RACECAR 2 requires RACECAR 1
  • We are also creating a course in Designing for Assistive Technology!  It will takes students through the design and prototyping process to build what they think will help someone with a disability.

- 2021 Summer Program details

  • We will have addtional and expanded programs, Mini-RACECAR 1 and (Advanced) Mini-RACECAR 2.
  • Available to local students, it is not a residential program (housing is not provided).
  • It will be 4 weeks starting the Tuesday after the July 4th weekend, Monday-Friday 9am - 3:30pm, and will include Saturday & Sunday on Final Event weekend.
  • Students are provided lunches.
  • Online courses are not required
    • Mini-RACECAR 1 and Designing for Assistive Tech do not need prior experience, laptops and supplies are provided for in-class use
    • Mini-RACECAR 2 requires prior participation in Mini-RACECAR 1, either in summer or in school year program
  • Teacher recommendation and student essay will be part of enrollment application (to be released in April)
  • Cost- FREE, there is no cost for students to participate in this course.  Support for this comes from the generous sponsors of Beaver Works, including MIT and Lincoln Laboratory.

- School year programs