Energy Systems Center Overview


Secure and sustainable energy systems are critical for national security and the health of our nation and citizens. Our dependence on imported oil and the aging of our electrical infrastructure present significant risks and challenges to meeting energy demands both nationally and overseas. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is helping the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) meet these challenges and reduce risks with several interrelated focus areas. For domestic energy security, we work with DoD and DHS to analyze existing systems, provide technical oversight of ongoing research efforts, and recommend solutions to reduce risk and increase energy security. We also work with the Office of the Secretary of Defense to analyze future transportation solutions that employ advanced electric and hybrid fuel vehicles that take advantage of existing market mechanisms to reduce cost of ownership and provide energy security. Advanced technology development efforts focus on new solar photovoltaic technologies that promise significant advances in efficiency and cost. To improve our energy security and efficiency for operational energy, we are involved in development efforts to build hardware and software to network multiple generators together, to develop control systems and hardware to support distributed generation, to interface with DC systems, and to develop standards to ensure compatibility between different vendor component solutions. Our growing team of engineers and scientists is always interested in exploring new ideas that will increase the resilience, security, interoperability, and efficiency of our energy portfolio.