Systems-on-a-Chip Center Overview

As Moore's Law has pushed forward, integrated circuit design has increasingly become systems-on-chip (SoC) design with an ever-increasing number of transistors available to solve new design challenges.  In addition to specialized digital computational blocks, the increase in integration for analog and mixed-signal circuits has leveraged digital calibration and equalization schemes to correct for analog non-idealities.  Finally, through heterogeneous integration, scaled CMOS is reaching into new applications, such as photonic circuits in which digital processing and RF circuits can provide exquisite control over photonic signals for high throughput data transmission, microwave signal processing and unique applications such as ladar and imaging systems.  The System-on-Chip Center seeks to foster collaborations at the intersection of signal processing, integrated circuit design,and heterogeneous integration, with a focus on increasing performance, reducing size, weight, power, and cost while discovering new applications through the tight coupling of adaptive digital signal processing, RF/analog/mixed-signal design, and integrated photonics circuits.