Engaging Supercomputing Center Overview

The Engaging Supercomputing Center brings together scientists, engineers, and mathematics to advance the state of the art in supercomputing.  Engaging supercomputing combines the best of desktop/laptop/handheld environments with the best of supercomputing.  As new technologies are developed, they are then deployed on the vast supercomputing infrastructure available to the community at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (mghpcc.org).

Lincoln Laboratory/Campus collaboration

  • Test at Beaver Works; deploy on Holyoke Consortium supercomputersWorkflow for Research
  • Use 3D game environments to allow a small staff to manage thousands of nodes
  • Deepen existing LLGrid R&D campus collaboration
  • Research new Engaging Supercomputing technologies
    • Programming languages, databases, filesystems, viz, …
  • Deploy on Holyoke Consortium supercomputers

For more information please see: http://supercloud.mit.edu