Imaging and Computer Vision Center Overview

The Lincoln Beaver Works Imaging and Computer Vision Center is a research and teaching center that is dedicated to addressing current and future conventional and unconventional imaging needs. Our goal is to foster collaborations between Lincoln Laboratory staff, MIT faculty, and students. These collaborations manifest themselves in the form of IAP courses (e.g HOCIS or HOH), semester courses, capstone projects, and both informal and formal project and brainstorming activities that can adhere to imaging needs spanning biomedical through defense applications.  Some technical areas include but are not limited to time-of-flight sensing, human-computer interaction, computational imaging, compressive sensing, computational photography, light-field imaging, multi-scale imaging, coded apertures, data visualization, computer vision, autonomous system navigation, wearable imaging capabilities, Google Glass, and others.

The MIT Cambridge Imaging Café

The MIT Cambridge Imaging Café brings together researchers, engineers, and students interested in computer vision, computer graphics, and general imaging technologies to foster collaborative discussions between entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. It’s a monthly scheduled brainstorming session to invent new ideas and address ever-present imaging problems.