Bioengineering Technology Research Projects

Current Projects

Present Ingestible Electronics for Physiological Monitoring
(Jan. 2012 - Present

Lincoln Laboratory - Albert Swiston
MIT - Giovanni Traverso

Working to develop an ingestible physiological monitoring device capable of measuring heart rate, respiratory rate, and core temperature, and wirelessly telemetering this information back to the user.

Brain Basis to Detect Neurological Disorders from Voice (2014 - 2017)

Lincoln Laboratory - Thomas Quatieri
MIT - Satra Ghosh

Detecting neurological disorders at a distance from voice and language; exploiting the relation of speech with neural mechanisms.


Past Projects

Open-Source Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology (Jan. 2014)

Lincoln Laboratory - David Kong
MIT - Ron Weiss

Students successfully built a variety of functional microfluidic devices and furthermore successfully constructed functional genetic circuits as verified by testing in cells.  These results are fundamentally new research and the students are working toward a publication.

Emotion Detection from Voice (June 2012 - Jan. 2013)

Lincoln Laboratory - Thomas Quatieri
MIT - Najim Dehak

Statistically significant results are presented to support and quantify the hypothesis that SUBX patients for drug treatment have a flat affect.