Imaging and Computer Vision Research Projects

Advanced Computational Imaging System (ACIS)

Lincoln Laboratory - Christy Cull
MIT - Ramesh Raskar

This effort leverages Lincoln laboratory detector technology and advantages associated with task-specific coded aperture imaging for pixel-based spatial superresolution and enhanced depth imaging. Collaborative research between Lincoln Laboratory and MIT explores pixel-based spatial superresolution strategies using an orthogonal transfer charge-coupled device (OTCCD).  We are exploring structured and coded illumination for time-of-flight or depth imaging recovery using a nuanced digital-pixel focal plane array (DFPA) known as the VISible Computational Imaging Array (VISCIA).



Lincoln Laboratory - Nick Armstrong-Crews
MIT - Ramesh Raskar

Structured light 3D imaging has made an impact on the gaming community with its ability to map the motions onto a 3D model for game interfaces. This collaboration would advance the state of the art in 3D sensing by using a variation of the structured light/active stereo technique, with application to a variety of robotic perception tasks and operational scenarios (e.g., obstacle avoidance for low-altitude flight).