Signal Processing Research Projects

Past Projects

Physical-Layer Rateless Codes (Sept. 2012 - June 2014)

Lincoln Laboratory - David Romero
MIT - Greg Wornell

Modern wireless communication systems employ a variety of methods to help ensure reliable data transmission in challenging environments. David Romero and Professor Greg Wornell have worked on methods that use a channel code designed such that the receiver can decode a transmission as soon as a sufficient number of symbols are received. These Rateless Codes are particularly useful in situations when the transmitter has little or no prior channel state information or when the channel is nonstationary. The researchers developed a novel analytical model to aid in optimal cross-layer system design using physical-layer rateless codes.

RF Compression (Oct. 2013 - Sept. 2014)

Lincoln Laboratory - Keith Forsythe
MIT - Dina Katabi

Professor Dina Katabi and graduate student Omar Obari formulated and evaluated techniques for compressing wideband RF data to accommodate data link rate limitations and thus facilitate off-platform signal processing.  Wideband front-end architectures with multiple, low-clock-rate analog-to-digital Converters  (ADCs) show the promise of significantly reduced power consumption in sparsely occupied RF environments when compared with a single ADC. These architectures, coupled with a sparse FFT engine (sFFT), can reduce I/O rates to the backend signal processor.  They have also developed techniques for backend processing that further compress the sampled environment