Transportation Facilities

A broad set of data feeds and simulation facilities are used to develop and evaluate new transportation technologies. The facilities include a high-fidelity airport control tower cab simulator that has been coupled with an unmanned aircraft system ground control station and traffic and weather data feeds to enable studies of future integrated airspace operations. Flight Management System, weather, and environmental modeling tools provide the capability to explore a range of initiatives to improve aircraft trajectory management. Fast-time simulation capabilities are available to support development of advanced traffic flow management technologies and to provide a foundation for serious gaming studies into how improvements may be made in strategic traffic decision-making.

In the domain of transportation logistics, planning and scheduling algorithms are being developed by MIT campus collaborators using traditional computing resources. As these algorithms mature, they will be transitioned into a Lincoln Laboratory computing environment that has access to live and archived data feeds from US Transportation Command (USTC). The algorithms will be further refined and evaluated at Lincoln Laboratory and ultimately transferred to operational use at USTC.