Humanitarian Initiative Research Projects

Future Projects

Gaming Environments Testing Novel Technologies

Lincoln Laboratory - Mischa Shattuck

Beaver Works will be hosting MIT Lincoln Laboratory and members of the operational humanitarian assistance disaster relief community to play a series of scenario games.  These games will allow teams to test innovative technologies and concepts of operations to measure their effectiveness on disaster response operations. 


The Role of LIDAR in Disaster Response

Lincoln Laboratory - Mischa Shattuck

“LIDAR” is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light.  LIDAR can create accurate, three dimensional maps.  Beaver Works will be participating in a study of how LIDAR imaging could provide enhanced situational awareness in disaster response operations.  This study will also created automated tools to help analyze imagery and provide actionable data to responders. 


Resilient Energy Grids

Lincoln Laboratory - Mischa Shattuck

Beaver Works will be looking at how to create and enhance resilient energy grids that will allow countries to be better prepared for rapid onset disasters.  Beaver Works will be bringing together technologists, energy experts, disaster responders and officials from partnering nations to address the energy challenges faced in a post disaster situation.