Cyber Patriot 2013

Cyber Patriot 2013 Northeast Regional Champions and earned first and second place in Massachusetts.

MIT/LL CyberPatriot Team

This year was a successful one, where we grew the amount of Lincoln Laboratory supported teams from one to three, and trained all three of them to be competitive on the national level.

1500+ teams participated in the CyberPatriot VI National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. Lincoln Laboratory’s three teams were the top three in Massachusetts’ state competition. “Apple Cinnamon” was the Northeast Regional Champion, “Boston Crème” was first in the state, and “Pink Sprinkles” was second in the state.



  • Over 1500 teams nation wide compete in annual national cyber defense competition
  • MIT/LL staff have mentored teams of local high school students since 2011
    • Learn theory and practice of securing computer systems
    • 2014 is our largest team yet with 15 students
  • 2013 MIT/LL team among only 10 teams to qualify for National competition in Washington, DC
  • 2014 MIT/LL team meets weekly at Beaver Works to prepare for competition