BWSI Course- Cyber Operations

Program Overview



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Beaver Works Summer Institute offers students a chance to learn and apply cyber security concepts in a pilot course titled Cyber Operations. The program will introduce students to techniques for conducting full-spectrum cyber operations from: networking, system administration, cyber threat intelligence, network defense, digital forensics, malware analysis, and to offensive security.  Topics & themes are routinely emphasized in layered repetition. Beaver Works invites Guest Lecturers and Subject-Matter Experts from Industry to collaborate with and to contribute field experience to the world-class education. Students operate both individually and as teams to solve complex problems via the crawl-walk-run methodology. Students are empowered to lead their peers through communication and through shared responsibility & foster comradery. This will culminate a digital field training exercise (FTX) or capstone event consisting of several mystery tasks derived from several phases of the course.


Students are individually assessed based on successful completion of phases and several dimensions (attendance, leadership, teamwork, technical competence, & lecture participation) via GO or NO-GO. The Class is also assessed based on successful majority completion of the phases and may be granted the title of “Beaver Operator”. Teams demonstrating successful completion of the capstone will rightfully earn the coveted “Course Challenge Coin”. Individuals who embody qualities of technical-competence, significant supportive teamwork, and exemplary leadership may earn the mysterious & ultra-rare “Dark Coin”.

Prerequisites (Technically-Intensive Course):

  • Python*
  • Bash (Linux OS)
  • Ability to Read ASCII/Hex/Binary

*some prerequisites can be waivered at the discretion of the Course Instructor & Program-Staff


  • Pre-Phase 0 – Selection

  • Phase 0 – NETOPS Fundamentals

  • Phase 1 – DCO Basic

  • Phase 2 – DCO Advanced

  • Phase 3 – OCO (Offensive Security)

  • Phase 4 – Capstone

  • Phase 5 – Recovery