Deployable mini-UAV Project

Spring 2015

Course 2.007

Deployable mini-UAV concept demonstration - II 


Design project to utilize an existing, modified or newly designed RC aircraft that launches from a compressed-gas-powered launch tube with a goal to achieve a self-deployed aircraft capable of flying a minimum range. 

Design Challenges:

  • Packaging the aircraft into small diameter gas launch tube
  • Surviving the launch acceleration
  • Self-deploying on the ballistic trajectory
  • Obtaining glide or powered flight to achieve minimum range

Course Summary:

  • 8  aircraft designs
  • 2 swing-wing aircraft
  • 2 flexible-wing aircraft
  • 2 quad rotorcraft
  • 2 hang-gliders
  • Provides takeoff capability from varied terrains
  • >100 lab hours
  • >200 printed parts
  • >100 launches

                   Compressed-gas-powered Launch Tube

Green Wing


Purple Wing

Yellow Flex Wing


Past Deployable mini-UAV Project

Spring 2012
Course 2.007
Students designed, built, and flew several novel UAVs, overcoming challenges of packaging aircraft into small diameter launch tube, surviving launch acceleration, self-deploying on a ballistic trajectory, and transitioning to stable flight.