Robust Communications for Autonomous Swarms - Capstone


Presents concepts, principles, and algorithms of swarm behaviors of various biological systems and applies them to mechanical systems in the physical world.  Options for communicating among nodes in a swarm are presented as well as the advantages of multiple antenna systems.

Topics covered during this course

–Swarm behaviors
–Distributed control theory
–Communication theory
–Embedded programming

Student Work

  • Brief on swarm behaviors for a particular biological system
  • Challenge Project
    • Teams would get separate communication challenges to implement
    • Present a Proposal, Design, and Implementation
  • Ethics/philosophy brief
    • Drones, especially autonomous ones, engender quite a bit of ‘Terminator’ fear and speculation.
  • Semester 2 would be heavy development/integration and finish with a big demonstration
    • Design/Implement secure protocols, robust PHY layer
    • Investigate scalability, other CONOPS
    • Integrate functions developed in Semester 1