Project Icarus

Fall 2009 – Spring 2010

Course 16.82 / 16.821 / 16.885 – Professor John Hansman



Successfully designed, constructed, and flew two UAVs that supported airborne measurements of ground-based radar antenna patterns.  Students prepared and presented a summary of their work at the 2010 Air Vehicle Surviviability Workshop, and received very favorable feedback from government, military, and industry attendess.  Both UAVs were transitioned to MIT/LL, and payloads for airborne antenna pattern measurements were integrated into one of the vehicles and used for several local flights.


Project Icarus
Course 16.82, Fall 2009 — Spring 2010

ICARUS System Overview

•Carry a payload through the beam of a sensor system in a predefined pattern
•Allow for antennas of 1in to 5ft in length
(X-Band to VHF frequencies)
•Minimum Ceiling: 10,000ft, stretch mission to 25,000ft (AGL)
•Be transportable and operate in remote locations