Mobile Tactical Power Systems

To develop novel energy technologies that significantly reduce the logistics burden on the warfighter.  The focus of this effort is on the U.S. Marine Corps, a small, highly mobile force, typically at the front lines of the conflict.  Potential for numerous other applications including disaster response, and third world electrification.


 In tactical environments electric power is currently provided by burning diesel fuel in inefficient generators.  The logistics burden required to transport this fuel to forward bases means the true cost of fuel can exceed $100/gallon.  More critically, attacks on fuel convoys was one of the major sources of casualties during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

  • 5 kW peak demand – example demand curves will be provided
  • Initial setup and operation within 30 mins by two Marines (trained on the system, but not electricians)
  • Minimize size, weight, and consumables
  • Preference for technologies that can be used in a variety of environments, but theater specific technologies can be considered
  • Many potential technologies - solar thermal, waste-to-energy, novel wind generators, etc..